Helen was raised by a single mother and grew up without much money. But even on days when they faced eviction or no food, Helen’s mother taught her how important it is to give back to her community.

Helen’s life wasn’t easy.  Like many, she grew up without much money and began working at an early age including babysitting neighborhood kids, working at a housewares store and at The Gap (meaning now she always straightens clothing whenever she is shopping!).  Helen worked throughout her years in college and law school and had the privilege of working in the Legal Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.  After law school, Helen worked at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago ("FHLBC") where she worked on various issues, but she was most affected by the mission of FHLBC to promote home ownership and support community investment activities.

Life changed when Helen went on a blind date and met Stuart, her husband of just over 25 years.  After working for many years in the corporate world, they decided to move with their children to Pinehurst to be closer to their family in North Carolina.  

Helen has been a volunteer in her community - including helping out at her church and her children’s schools, volunteering for many community events, and organizing fundraisers and community groups.  After Hurricane Florence hit the community, she helped with relief and clean up efforts.  Helen continues to volunteer at the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, serves on the board of the Northern Moore Family Resource Center in Robbins and is thrilled to have just recently been inducted as a member of the Kiwanis Club of the Sandhills.  Helen places an intense value on relationship-building and on serving her community.  

In 2017, Governor Roy Cooper appointed Helen to the Sandhills Community College (“SCC”) Board of Trustees.  As a Trustee, she is a constant advocate for the students, and as the Development Co-Chair of the SCC Foundation Board, she worked with partners to implement the Sandhills Promise, which is a program that allows high school graduates to attend SCC with no charge for tuition.

Helen is a breast cancer survivor thanks to incredible doctors and good health insurance.  Her oldest daughter has suffered from severe food allergies her whole life, and Helen has seen close hand the need for everyone to have access to health insurance.